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T.H. Seeds
The Hog
T.H. Seeds - The Hog

Type Indica
Height 120-140 cm
Yield 300 p.s.m.
Flowering Time 55-60 days

(10 seeds per pack)

suitable for warm climatessuitable for indoorcup winner medicinal strain

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The Hog.

Originally from Tennessee, The Hog™ ventured out to So-Cal over 10 years ago and gained quite a following.

Loved by some and hated by others (for being too strong?!). The Hog™ is our quintessential Indica, short in stature (90-110 cm) with an above average yield (400+ p.s.m.)

The Hog™ is perfect for experts and beginners alike, so get your hands on one of these little piglets and soon you will be making bacon and livin’ high on the Hog™.


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