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Dutch Passion
The Ultimate.
Dutch Passion - The Ultimate.

Breeder:  Dutch Passion
Variety:  Indica / Sativa
Sex:  Feminised
Grows:  Greenhouse / indoors
Flowering Time:  8-10 weeks
Harvest Month:  Second half of October

Seed Count:  5

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The Ultimate..

Through careful breeding we have created one of our most important strains, we call it “The Ultimate” as it combines some of the heaviest yields we have ever seen with genuine connoisseur quality.

heavy blooms from The Ultimate

It grows to a height of 60-75cm, ideal for the indoor grow room.  Flowering time is 8-10 weeks, with explosive bud growth in the last 2 weeks. The Ultimate (50% Indica, 50% Sativa) will take plenty of nutrients during the growth cycle and is resistant to moulds and bud rot making it a good greenhouse choice too. The Ultimate is very suited for taking cuttings.

frosty nuggets babyOur growers have never seen a plant yield as heavily with this level of quality.  This is a recession busting strain of epic proportions and is guaranteed not to disappoint.  This strain is already setting new standards amongst the Dutch commercial growers and is set to become a Dutch Passion legend.

Ever since Dutch Passion released ‘The Ultimate’ we have seen a rising number of

frosty as hell

people regularly enjoy growing her.  The Ultimate is one of our heaviest yielding traditional varieties, but what makes this a really special variety is that she is also one of the strongest, most potent, varieties in our collection.  The Ultimate regularly delivers top quality cannabis in amounts that few home-growers expect. 

Above, The Ultimate from Dutch Passion, one of our favourite photoperiod varieties with heavy blooms

really nice looking heavy bloom

This is a best seller for all the right reasons, good old fashioned heavy yields and a luxuriously potent smoke.  No wonder we see so many repeat growers of The Ultimate.  If you are looking to try a new traditional variety that will fill more jars than ever before, and if you are not wanting to compromise on quality then Dutch Passion’s The Ultimate should really be on your list of varieties to grow.

great looking harvest

The Ultimate has been in the Dutch Passion collection since 2007.  She is a 50/50 blend of indica/sativa and came from a very special mother plant which had been found after growing hundreds of plants from seed over several years from undisclosed parent genetics.  This variety produce a main bloom which swells to huge proportions under optimum conditions, this is complemented by numerous side blooms which also become extremely heavy and often need support near the end of flowering to prevent them collapsing under their own weight.  Make no mistake, this is an impressive variety and one which many serious home-growers grow again and again. 

Frosty nugget of The Ultimate

drying Ultimate plant, with a wrist watch on the bloom

The pictures in this weeks diary come from Army, of UK420 growers forum.  His original grow diary is here .  This was an organic soil-grown crop done under 2x 600W HPS, the grower describes the yield as his ‘biggest yield per plant so far’ and the smoke as “one of the most dangerous strains so far I know, a real narcosis, very high potency”

gorgeous buds

The Ultimate has some pleasant citrus aroma and flavours.  Army describes it as follows: “At harvest a hazy lemony smell was going on, after drying it turned out a lemony skunk smell. After smoking  it leaves a grapefruit like taste in the mouth”  But the taste is only part of the story with The Ultimate.  The real beauty of this variety, and the reason why so many people grow her is down to the powerful high and the remarkable yields.   Army describes her as a …“Very good high… a straight first hitter. A serious smoke all over, also very strong body stone. I had my best sleep for years with Ultimate, very good sleep inducer even smoked just once.  Very easy to grow, very good high, ultra good yielder, I recommend to everyone”

more buds !

We get great feedback on this variety from various sources.  One of our seed re-sellers said that if he could only sell one Dutch Passion variety then ‘The Ultimate’ would be his choice simply because the combination of yield and potency was so hard to beat.  We would agree with him, The Ultimate is simply a top quality variety which does everything the self-sufficient grower wants. 

close up ultimate

Many home growers have simple requirements for their preferred variety.  They want to be able to produce enough quality stash to last them until the next harvest, and they don’t want to take risks with unproven genetics.  Dutch Passion’s The Ultimate is a variety that we think all home growers should try at least once.  It delivers a great combination of quality and quantity, it is easy to grow, and is ready after 8-9 weeks of flowering.  We love this variety and think you will too.  If you haven’t tried this variety yet then now is the time. 




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