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California Hash Plant
Dinafem - California Hash Plant

Sex: Feminized
Flowering period indoors:   45-50 days
Harvest outdoors:   Until 5th October
THC:   Medium (8% - 12%)
CBD:   Medium
Production:   High
Height outdoors:   Can reach 2.5m
Blend:   Indica-Indica
Genotype:  California Hashplant 90% x Northern Lights 10%
Seed Count:  5

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California Hash Plant.
  • Medicinal.
  • Nice gentle aroma
  • Effect similar to hashish.

This plant is a pure indica and mould resistant. It has a bush-like shape, forming a well branched-out and wide plant, not particularly tall. The leaves are wide and dark with a short internodal distance, which improves flower production all over the surface of the branches.

This is a good and fast producer making it a safe bet outdoors. It smells sweet, not very strong, making it easier to conceal than other strains. It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBD content, quite similar to the effect of hashish, as its name suggests. It is suitable to be used as a tranquilliser, for patients with nervous disorders or sleeping difficulties, thanks to its low psychoactive effect, which calms more than excites the imagination.


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